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The Power Of Breaking Through Fear

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Posted By Christine Foley
The power of breaking through fear is the most liberating and life-changing power you can have as  on the other side of fear is where genuine freedom is found and lived.
Think about the most exhilarating experiences of your life-

 the points at which you have positively shrieked with happiness and excitement: have they not been when you have found yourself breaking through fear? 

Perhaps on a galloping horse or a speeding motorbike; or maybe you have jumped out of a plane and felt the sensation of being weightless for the first time- having nothing below you but the air rushing up into your face and the edge of anxiety that maybe your parachute will fail to open.

 “ Fear means leaving known territory. When considered objectively, fear is the epitome of excitement and adventure.” 

Valerie Dittmar from her essay in ” The Power of Feelings.” 

 We  Are Hard-Wired To Yearn For Freedom

Our human nature is hard-wired to  yearn for freedom: to feel  genuinely excited, genuinely alive: living the life we want to live, being the person we really want to be. Such a strong drive, deep in all of us; deep in our dreams and aspirations, and yet-

State Of Inertia

So many of us live in a quiet but familiar  state of inertia: comfortable and yet uncomfortable at the same time. This is particularly evident when people say: “ I need to count my blessings.” I always feel that this is a sign of life in a state of lack: after all: why the  need to consciously count  blessings if they weren’t obvious each day? 

 Natural and Conscious Gratitude

I believe that there is natural gratitude and then there’s conscious gratitude- and I don’t think they’re born out of the same feeling: the first is a beautiful happy feeling, the latter is forced and artificial; a mantra to drive away the feeling that there is something missing: a life only half lived.

 True Fulfillment

In his book Satisfaction- the Science of Finding True Fulfillment, Gregory Berns, a neuroscientist and professor of psychiatry and behavioural research at Emory University in Atlanta, investigates what really satisfies us as human beings.

Spontaneous Joy

His conclusion is that only the new truly satisfies us. He describes how the level of dopamine, a transmitter in the brain, rises when we are confronted with something new. Depending on whether this new thing is threatening or not, dopamine will either trigger our fight-or-fight response or produce spontaneous joy and long-lasting satisfaction.

 Amazing Aura

Something new: a new home, a new job, new business, a new relationship: all of these things glow with this amazing aura and promise of satisfaction- so why don’t we reach out with both hands and grab these opportunities with unfettered eagerness?

 On the Other Side of Fear

Because they lie on the other side of fear: that’s the simple answer. All of those things are unknown and they require us to break through the inertia and dig deep to find powers inside of ourselves that we may well not believe are even there.


 “You will have to become someone you’ve never been before…..but you’re not sentenced to live this way.” 

Lisa Nicols

An Escape Plan

I think that an unfulfilled life can seem like a ‘life sentence’- so many people are living in the knowledge that they are living the life that they have created for themselves, and therefore need to just get on with living it, day in, day out- even if it is not the life they intended. Lisa Nicols throws out a challenge: an escape plan- but the escape requires transformation.

 Change Calls Us Out

Change- however longed for- is always difficult, and there’s a comfort to be found in the familiar, even when we resent it. Change calls us out: and we are afraid that we may discover that we are not good enough, not strong enough; not brave enough to bring about and see through the process of getting what we want.

Hope is the Only True Enemy of Fear

And maybe also, too, we are afraid that what we think we want may not actually be what we had hoped for. Hope is the only true enemy of fear:

 “ It takes courage to choose hope over fear.” 

Mark Zuckerberg.

Different and Unfamiliar

The problem is that when we think of the life we want for ourselves we so often set such massive goals that attaining them seems so far away from where we are at the present, so different and unfamiliar, that they frighten us.

That person who has achieved the life we aspire to moves in such a different sphere to the one that is our daily experience that living that life can feel impossible.

 The Power to Break Through Fear

But we do have the power to break through fear: if we take it in small steps- not try to attain all the heroic stuff within an impossible time frame. Small steps are doable, attainable and don’t intimidate us with their elevation from our everyday experiences.

“ Fear is a gate:” 

 Duncan Muguku writes in his article “The Positive Side of Fear- 15 Benefits of Fear:

“ you control the password to unlock the fear gate. Overcoming fear is not a one off event, instead it is a step by step process where as you unlock one small fear gate, you gain confidence to unlock another gate and another one. Thereby increasing confidence and moving away from your comfort zone towards higher possibilities.”

 Fear is a Power to be Utilized

Therefore look at fear as a power to be utilized: break it down into a series of smaller steps will bring you confidence and drive you forward- each step builds strength and forces you to ask yourself these exciting and empowering questions:

  • If I could do that, what else am I capable of? 
  • What else am I allowing fear to hold me back from?
  • What else am I running from that I don’t need to?
  • What else can I overcome?

 “Fear is your friend.” 

Lisa Nicols

The Power of Breaking Fear

The power of breaking fear involves understanding that fear is something that we create for ourselves- and that means that we can destroy it too.

Energy is Never Lost

When we are afraid we are buzzing with energy and heightened awareness and that energy is never lost: transfer it into confidence through taking action and you are moving forward- breaking the inertia of unfulfillment.

 Driving Down Despair Avenue to Nowheresville

When fear is in charge then procrastination is frequently to be found in the driving seat of your life; driving you at speed down Despair Avenue to the ghost town of Nowhereville. You know that facing challenges bring about change, and change is unknown and therefore frightening. 

 Put  Fear in the Driver’s Seat

However, put fear in the driver’s seat and surprisingly positive things can happen: your heightened sense of awareness can push you to work harder, to take more care over the way you are going, and to be more attentive and observant in your actions.

This powerful energy can help you recognise where there are gaps in your knowledge and learning.Furthermore, it can bring you to swallow your pride and ask for directions from people who have travelled the road before; who can point out the landmarks you need to look out for on the journey to success.  

 Stop Running Away from Fear

We all need to reach a junction in our life’s journey when we stop running away from fear and instead weigh up the pros and cons of the cost of being held back from taking action versus the cost of moving forward despite fear. 

“ When the anticipated rewards are greater than losses you muster your courage, draw on your reserves and take the plunge and overcome fear with the knowledge that although success is not guaranteed, you at least gave it your best effort.”

Duncan Muguku 

 “Use fear or it uses you- it’s that simple. I’ve got to be more afraid of what I’m going to be missing out on: missing out on my mission, missing out on who I’m supposed to be.”

 Tony Robbins

  • I have the power of breaking through fear.
  • I have the power to live the life I want to live.

Repeat these statements  to yourself  every day and enjoy the feeling that the words give you.

Life on the Other Side of Fear is not a Dream

They are both powerful statements- fringed by fear, but by excitement also. They are  to be savoured, treasured and  visualised. Life on the other side of what we fear is not a dream; it’s a goal.

Stepping Stones

Break it down into small goals and use them as stepping stones.  Used correctly, fear is a catalyst for growth, prompting development, resourcefulness, strategy.Fear is a power: without forcing ourselves out of our comfort zones,we can never experience change.

” Fear is a threshold which separates the known from the unknown. But fear is also the power that can carry us over this threshold.” 

 Vivian Dittmar




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