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Lost and Found in Cyberspace: how to be Found by the Search Engines

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Posted By Christine Foley
how to be found
No traffic?

Being found by the search engines is the lifeblood of any online content and sometimes you can find yourself feeling like the guy in the photo, looking down an empty road and simply hoping for traffic to come along and visit your site. This is a lonely and depressing situation to be in- after all, your website is your business and your hope and energy has gone into developing it. So, something must be done!

If you’re currently in this position, then don’t despair!,

Rest assured that although the internet is a massive space you can help your website be found by the search engines and bring that much-coveted traffic to visit your site, consume your content and buy your products. I have some helpful suggestions here which will help if you implement them when producing the content for your site.

Your Content: is anyone out there even interested?

Before you burn up loads of energy in writing about what the weather is like outside your window today, put a variety of search terms through Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest to find whether anyone even cares. You are looking to find words and phrases that are being searched for at least 3000 times per month. These are words worth writing about, because there’s enough interest out there to attract plenty of visitors to your site.

Google Trends

Google Trends indicates which topics which are being commonly searched for on Google. Entering different search terms into this free tool is a great way to find what people are reading about and interested in currently. The most popular searches involve topics on health and fitness, business and making money online and relationships. Therefore, creating a site in any of these areas should be a good idea. Just remember though that in these saturated areas you’re going to need to make sure that your site offers something unique, otherwise you’re likely to get overwhelmed by the bigger players in those niches who are already attracting lots of traffic.

Be Found by the Search Engines

We all know that millions of searchers are being hammered into the search engines all other the world by millions of people every day. This means that you need to see your chosen keywords and phrases coming up less than around 30,000 in the SERPS ( search engine page results). More than that, and you are unlikely to rank on Google for those terms as they’ve already been taken over by the bigger established sites and would simply be too difficult to be found for by a new site. It’s an important balancing act.

Want to Check How to Improve the Ranking of Your Site?

Recently , Google released which is a really useful website testing programme. This offers insights into what you can do to your site to improve its ranking. It’s easy to use and will give you information as to what may be preventing your site from getting the traffic you need in order to become successful and to be found by the search engines. Definitely worth entering your URL and seeing what pearls of wisdom can be retrieved from there.

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