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How to Believe In Yourself and Make Your Life Soar

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Believing in yourself can take a bit of mental work, but believe in me when I tell you that you can do it. And self-belief really is the key to success- without it, we will never achieve what we truly want because we won’t have the energy and commitment to seeing anything through when times get tough.


Commitment requires us to believe in something whole-heartedly, and that includes believing in ourselves whole-heartedly and believing that we absolutely deserve to have what we are working towards and dreaming about.

You Can Get What You Want

Believe yourself when you tell yourself that you can get what you want. Believe that you are special and that will change everything for you: your whole approach to anything, your body language; the way you move.

Succeed Or Fail

When faced with a new challenge believing in yourself will be the deciding factor in whether you succeed or fail. When that niggling voice of self-sabotage tells you that you’re not going to be good enough you need to overwhelm that voice and drown it out.

Believe Yourself

Replace “ I hope I’ll be good,” with the conviction that you will be good and something and you’ll find that you walk taller, your shoulders are back, and people react to you differently. Believe yourself when you tell yourself that you’ll succeed and you’ll be surprised how easily others will believe that too. 

Fake it, until you become it!

“Act as if. Act as if you already have high self-esteem. Speak like a person with high self-esteem, walk like a person with high self-esteem, have the body posture of a person with high self-esteem. Your brain can’t differentiate between reality and imagination; use it to your advantage. Fake it, until you become it! It works.”

Marc Reklau in his book “ Love Yourself First!”

Silence Your Inner Critic

Silence your inner critic: that snidey voice that knocks you back in your mind and saps your energy. Everyone has those voices, but the most successful people have learned to drown them out by thinking and believing positive thoughts. 

Believe In Yourself

If you want to know how you can believe in yourself you have to really dedicate yourself to yourself; to care enough about yourself to channel all your belief into building up your positive self. 

Believe Yourself to be so much more than Ordinary

You have to think about yourself and your life’s journey in a different way, in a more special and elevated way: you have to believe yourself to be so much more than ordinary; so much more than just a regular guy or girl. 

“When you become bold when you become that audacious when you become that unapologetic, all of a sudden you become infectious.”

Lisa Nicols

Old Habits are Hard to Break

It’s not easy to make this transformation: to look at our lives from a different viewpoint. Old habits are hard to break, and change is always difficult. To become a person with high self-esteem could feel like shedding a skin that, despite being tight and restrictive is at least familiar.

“ However you step, just step. Sometimes you’ve gotta step out of something before you step into something.” 

Lisa Nicols

What Do You Need to Step Out of Today?

Think carefully: what do you need to step out of today- just name one thing. Then listen to your inner voice telling you how you can do it, instead of quietening it and shoving it to the back of your mind.


You know so much more than you think.

Listen- and take action. 

Do it today. 

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